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What Where/How To Get Your Very Own Dave Library of available software My software/consulting site Narcissistic Home Page Photo album Any questions? Dave and Charlie's Family Website Charlie is a Rock Star Charlie's Film Company Upcoming project Dancing site The roots of contemporary partnered Blues Dancing Not as Narcissistic Home Page Grey-area information One of my software projects ..Becoming a business Learn to dance blues Learn to dance blues A new kind of workshop Blues Excursions Ultra Stunt Danger Academy! Longer name.. Dance Event and Exchange Calendar Blues Exchange Calendar Event and Exchange Calendar Blues Event and Exchange Calendar Balboa Event and Exchange Calendar Fusion Event and Exchange Calendar Event and Exchange Calendar Blues Dancing Non-Profit Organization My bus project My (possibly temporary) bus name Bay Area Nerf (and related games) Humans Vs Zombies: SF
Others: San Francisco Lindy Hop SF Lindy Hop Exchange Site The Rent Party - Saturday dance venue - now closed Burning Man Tribe Because BRC is not for sale My nephew Parker My niece Stella My niece Sophie Long story.. My mom My parents Jewelry business Friend, Mark Kapner Friend, Justin Lassy Andy Lesko Friend, The (Victor) Dods Dod's Band

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