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DavidLjung.com - my semi-professional home page. Daveola.com - my narcissistic home page. DaveSource.com - Dave's geek site MarginalHacks - I have an elegant script for that, but it's too small to fit in the margin. DaveFAQ.com - answer all your questions here. DavePics.com - Dave's Photo Album.
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What is GetDave.com?

I run a number of websites, from my personal sites to information sites to software sites. GetDave is the central hub for all of these sites, like my own personal yahoo. It's also my central location for receiving communication such as email and web contacts.

Here's a clearer text listing of some of what's available:

Daveola.com All my personal info that goes on a home page
DavidLjung.com The professional version of Daveola.com
DaveSource.com My consulting site
DavePics.com My ever-growing photo album of my life
DaveFAQ.com Answers to common questions about Dave
MarginalHacks.com Library of available software
BluesDance.com Dave and Haley teach Blues Dancing
DanceCal.com My dance calendar for Blues & Lindy events
BayNerf.com I kill zombies

And some inner content of note:

DaveHistory The closest thing I have to a blog, but unlike a blog, it's only updated when I have something to say, not every few minutes.
Server My little Toshiba Libretto server that handles all of this.
DaveShirts You can buy shirts from me. Really.
Resume You can hire me. Give me money.
Domains A formal, generated list of all the domains on this server.
Zoo All my animals.
Stuff I try not to own too many things, but here's a list of some of the neater stuff that has a hold of me.
Cosmic Encounter Cosmic Encounter is the greatest game in the world. This is the my resource center for the game's history.
Veggie I am (kinda) vegetarian. And here's info on that.
Restaurants But more importantly, a directory of San Francisco vegetarian restaurants.
Mike Kadletz My experience purchasing a bus from Mike Kadletz of Bus Conversions Magazine

And a few more domains:

Fringe.DaveSource.com This is my collection of grey-area information
SaintVitus.com I am very serious about dancing, and this is where my dancing stuff goes.
TheRentParty.com I've opened a Saturday Lindy Hop/Blues venue!
SFLindy.com Except for stuff dealing with general dancing in SF which goes here.
LindyBooty.com And anything to do with LindyBooty, which is a semi-occasional blues party that was part of the creation of the Blues dancing scene
CinemaDave.com And my home movie theater

And finally, some of my work/clients:

I do a smattering of web development and web programming. Some recent clients:

DanceCal - Calendar rendering system MyVite - Full infrastructure of web invite system

You can see that my work ranges from tools to web scripts to database applications.

I can do superfast algorithm creation and deployment, and I have a great deal of experience with web applications as can be seen from all the software I authored on MarginalHacks, such as album, DaVite and the Fringe file browser.

I've also done a number of pay-for scripts for clients such as the ones above: online shopping carts, image manipulation, etc..

Willkommen! I also have experience with multi-lingual sites and i8n language support. For an example, see the extremely powerful and flexible language support that comes with the album software I wrote at MarginalHacks.

If you're interested in hiring me, check out DaveSource above and feel free to contact me.

"Everybody needs a Dave. Get yours today!"

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