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UPDATE: This page is no longer true - though it is amusing in the realm of small web servers. I have since moved to co-location.

I'm a big believer in small and light mobile computing.

This domain is served off one of the smallest servers around, a tiny Toshiba Libretto running RedHat Linux.

The above picture was created by editing one that I stole from an excellent site that helped me install Linux on this little beast.

The Libretto is a marvel, and it's many years old - it's about the size of a video cassette (here's an image at actual size), and it's a full PC (though nothing to scream about, mine (a 50CT) is a 100MHz (overclocked!) Pentium, 16MB RAM, a measly 800MB HD, 640x480 Screen). But they are small and they are cheap - you can find them on ebay these days (5/2000) for just over $400.
Although, I have to admit that the Fujitsu B142 looks pretty cool. Libretto-sized but with a touchscreen :)
Update: Just upgraded to RH7.1 on a 2G disk and 32M RAM! Woohoo!
Update: Now on a 4G.
Update 2004-02-09: Upgraded to Debian and 20G. Crikey. This better be enough.

You can find a wealth of information for Librettos at Adorable Libretto

Here is a picture of the whole setup. The Libretto is on top (closed) inside of a docking station. You can see the ethernet dongle coming out of the side. It's sitting on top of my 8 port hub, which is on top of my DSL modem. That's sitting on top of another DSL modem which is being used for something else. In front of it is my wireless keyboard - I can hook up my scan convertor and run it through my projector, and suddenly the Libretto is a very big computer.

The whole dang thing is about 6" high, even with the extra DSL modem. This is my DSL connection, my hub, my firewall and my web server.

It currently hosts many domains without breaking a sweat, all on one I.P.: (=1070374148)

Want to your own domain? Here are some directions

One of the groovy things about using a laptop as my main server (apart from having a clean desk), is that if the power goes out and comes back up, I merely have to wait for the DSL modem to cycle. Built in UPS!
Because linux is so stable, and because I'm running a laptop, I generally only have to reboot the system because of upgrades and whatnot. You can see the machine uptime or check out a graph at netcraft

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